Waterline Renewal Technologies

Willamette River Sewer System Improvements


Portland residents, the project that has been ongoing to increase capacity of the Southwest Parallel Interceptor sewer system is in the final stages and nearing completion. This month, the city has already installed 1,000 feet of 24-inch concrete pipe and six manholes along SW Taylors Ferry Road, and 800 feet of 48-inch concrete pipe and three manholes along SW Virginia Avenue. Construction continues on a permanent odor control facility east of SW Taylors Ferry Road.

There is often a period of inactivity between completing sewer construction and final trench paving, usually because of wet or cold weather and paving subcontractor availability. During winter, pavers are in high demand on relatively dry, warm days and it can be difficult to schedule them. Sometimes the contractor schedules paving when good weather is forecast only to have the forecast shift to wet or cold weather that postpones paving. With this in mind, your patience is appreciated. Nearby residents please be advised that parking in the sewer construction zone on SW Virginia Avenue is prohibited where marked. In order to complete restoration and paving, there will be ‘no parking’ signs in place. The majority of work will be completed between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

So how about the CIPP way of doing things?? This is a Cured-in-Place Pipelining method that Perma-liner Industries has specialized in since 1999. It’s the trenchless way of pipeline rehabilitation. This technique is not only cost effective but alleviates the inconveniences caused by such projects.  Whether it’s in a commercial or residential location, our CIPP rehabilitation system is versatile and keeps landscaping and structures secured and intact. Perma-Liner also offers ‘turn-key’ trailer build-out packages, certification and training, and specification support. Allow us to give you our very best! To find out more about our state of the art equipment and materials, call or go online @ www.perma-liner.com/ 1-866-336-2568.