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Tried & Tested Materials

Tried & Tested Materials

My usual supplier provided me with a “new improved” product but after several failures of the new improved lining material I’m not so sure. How do you introduce new products to the market?

One of our core values at Waterline Renewal Technologies and our family of companies is to test, retest then have independent laboratories test a new product. That sounds like it should be enough, right? Wrong! We then send it out to installers with the express instructions of field testing and asking for feedback to adjust any final issues found with the product before releasing it to you, our customers.

Experience has taught us that the greatest ideas in the world are only an abstract until proven. That’s not saying an innovation isn’t the greatest idea it’s saying let’s prove the idea in the real world to make sure it does what we say it’s going to do. Field or Beta testing is performed by you folks in the field with the idea that we’ll stand behind you to iron out any wrinkles that need to be resolved before introduction as a final product.

If you are getting materials from your vendors that are failing and touted as the “new improved” version of what you were using before, be very wary. Ask if it’s been tested by their engineering staff? Ask if it’s been tested by independent laboratories? And finally ask if there was any field beta testing before introducing it to the market. If any of these answers is no, why trust that the product is going to work. If you’ve had product failure with a “new and improved” product that can’t be backed up with documented results, contact us and we’ll provide you with our test results as well as our warranty that the product properly applied will work this time and every time.