Portland’s Sewer Service and Ratemaking Process

The City of Portland calculates residential single family or multi-family sewer volume using actual water consumption, class average or winter average. Most water used indoors during this time of year enters the sewer system. Since much of the water used in warmer months waters lawns and gardens and doesn’t enter the sewer system, the city uses the winter average as the most equitable way of determining sewer volume. The city applies winter average volume to residential accounts during billing periods outside the winter average review period. During those billing periods, the city bills customers the winter average consumption or actual water consumption, whichever is less. For residential accounts billed quarterly, the city calculates the winter average on water readings taken between February 1 and April 30. The Portland Bureau of Environmental Services utilizes a process to calculate sanitary sewer and stormwater drainage service rates.  The first step is to determine the Gross Revenue Requirement. Revenues are required to fund two broad categories of costs: operating and capital, which sum to form the Bureau’s overall gross revenue requirement.

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