Portland’s Rebate Program for Tree Planting

Portland has a keen eye for programs that perpetuate a healthy, sustainable environment. Currently the city is participating in a ‘Treebate’ program. Residents will be eligible for a credit to their city water and sewer bill if a tree is planted on residential property before April 30th. The credit will consist of half the purchase price per tree up to $15 (small), $25 (medium) or $50 (large) depending on mature tree size and storm water management. Some important requirements for eligibility include: Trees with tree trunks measuring at least 1 inch in diameter 6 inches above the soil line that are at least 6 feet tall if broadleaf and 4 feet tall if coniferous (has needles) at time of planting. Trees planted with enough space to reach full canopy spread. Also, be sure to check the nuisance plant list so you are not disqualified for the rebate. Happy Planting!!

Tip for maintaining your tree:

Late fall through early spring is prime tree planting season. Be sure to plant your tree correctly and give it proper care and maintenance. Newly planted trees require deep weekly watering (~10 gal.) during the dry summer season from June through September. Water deeply once a week during the first two summers. Apply a minimum of 10 gallons each week. Water every other week during the third summer.  Reapply mulch as necessary to maintain depth. Keep weeds and grass from growing in the mulch area.  If staked, check periodically to make sure ties are not damaging the bark. Remove stakes after 1-2 years or when tree feels sturdy.

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