Waterline Renewal Technologies

Portland’s Handiwork to Rectify Sewer Burden

The City of Portland recently began a pipeline rehabilitation project and will dedicate at least another week toward the completion of the project. The Hawthorne-Salmon Area Green Street and Sewer Project will include the installation of 23 green street planters, planting 100 street trees, and repairing or replacing over 10,000 feet of public sewer pipe. The Tabor to the River initiative is part of this project and covers an approximate area of 2.3 square miles. The initiative is considered a collaboration between the city and the community to find a resolution to the setbacks within the watershed.  Due to an increase in the amount of pavement and other water resistant surfaces, and decreases in tree canopy, the volume of storm water going into the pipes is much greater than the system- designed over a century ago- can manage.  Heavy rains have also created a quandary for the functioning level of the pipelines, resulting in basement and street flooding and overflow into the Willamette River.

With sewer repairs and improvements to solve a variety of urban challenges, the management of storm water will be promoted naturally.  The city can expect a stable sewer system and storm water infrastructure which will allow for more livable neighborhoods, and cleaner rivers and streams.

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