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Portland’s Eco-Friendly Leaf Removal Program

Portland’s Eco-Friendly Leaf Removal Program: 

Portland’s urban forest is one of the smartest investments, paying economic, social and environmental dividends, benefiting its residents. Additionally, creating cleaner air and water, to lower cooling costs and increased property values. Of course, with trees come leaves – and when they fall in an urban environment, it’s necessary to clean them up.  From the month of November to mid-December, removing leaves from the streets is critical as to avert issues with clogged storm drains, flooded intersections and slippery streets. The Leaf Day Pickup program is about getting the leaves cleaned up in a way that makes a better, healthier and safer Portland. This program focuses on picking up the leaves that fall onto streets. Removing leaves from streets, not only improves storm drains and the city’s infrastructure, but helps by increasing the safety of motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Because some parts of the city with significant tree coverage require more service than others, residents and businesses in those neighborhoods help offset the added cost of maintaining trees through an annual leaf removal fee. Those without trees don’t pay a fee. Use the Leaf Zone Locator to verify that you’re in a service zone and confirm your service dates. Please do not rake your leaves into the street. Only customers in a Leaf Service Zone who pay for the service are sanctioned by the city to rake their leaves into the street.  Prior to the leaf day pick up service, there are a couple suggestions:  rake your street leaves 12 inches from the curb. If you have leaves from other trees on your property, rake them into the street the day before your Leaf Day. If you’d like the best possible clean in front of your property, it’s best to move any vehicles and other obstacles off the street.

Portland’s Eco-Friendly Leaf Removal Program (2) Portland’s Eco-Friendly Leaf Removal Program