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Portland Advises on Terwilliger Closure for Sewer

Portland is preparing for a major sewer rehabilitation which will likely close a segment of Terwilliger Boulevard, just north of Lake Oswego, for up to a year. There will be alternate routes available beginning in the fall. The project will install an 8-inch-wide, 7,000-footlong sewer pipe underneath Terwilliger Boulevard, stretching from a pumping station near Powers Court to the junction with Highway 43. The new line will allow sewage to flow to the Tryon Interceptor sewer, which carries sewage to the Portland-owned Tryon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lake Oswego. It will also provide a future sewer connection for new developments in the area, as well as for existing homes that currently use septic systems.

Installing the pipe will require excavating a deep trench in the center of Terwilliger Boulevard, and the road will have to be completely closed for the duration of the project.  The closure will begin near Iron Mountain Trailhead to Highway 43. Traffic will be diverted to Highway 43, with Taylors Ferry Road serving as the detour connection between Terwilliger and the highway. The project was originally scheduled to begin two years ago, but was put on hold until after the completion of the new Sellwood Bridge. This delay was an attempt to alleviate traffic congestion and avoid simultaneous closures.

Interesting fact:  ‘Eco roofs’ replace conventional roofing with a living, breathing vegetated roof system. Portland is the leader of this initiative, capturing up to 4 million gallons of storm water every year by using this non-conventional method.

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