Major Water Main Failure Turns Portland into a Floating City

Major Water Main Failure Turns Portland into a Floating City

Portland recently became a floating city. A major failure of a water main caused millions of gallons of water to flood streets, homes and businesses in Northeast Portland.

A 30-inch-diameter pipe gave way and a geyser was seen bursting several feet into the air from the site of the break. The burst lasted for hours turning roads into rivers and flooding homes along both sides of the street. Water flowed into businesses, homes and basements.

City officials worried about health hazards with people becoming contaminated from the sewer system or hurt from unstable ground. They don’t know what caused the rupture but it was a likely culprit witnessed and experienced by many all over the nation: a combination of aging infrastructures and pressure due to freezing and thawing of the ground.

Portland’s water system experiences about 200 water line breaks per year. But most of them are in 4- to 8-inch pipes.

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