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Looking Into the Future: City Claims Burst Pipe was Unforeseeable

Looking Into the Future City Claims Burst Pipe was Unforeseeable

Several homes in the Portland area recently received something no one wants to deal with: the ramifications from a burst pipe. The 30-inch water main burst and flooded the homes of about a dozen homeowners.

The homes suffered water damage from the massive pipe failure and their damage claims to the insurance companies have been denied…and denied by the city, too. Most of the homeowners have been stuck with paying upwards of $50,000 to repair the damage caused by the pipe.

The burst water main was built around 1915 and made of cast iron pipe. It had shown no previous signs of breakage or issues. But given the fact that the pipe was more than 100 years old, there was bound to be issues sooner than later.

Ruptures of this kind of are unavoidable as the water infrastructure continues to age. Portland sees about nine water main breaks per 100 miles pf pipe per year. That is less than the average of 14. Most of those breaks are smaller lines.

Pipes can burst at any time, especially with the nation’s aging infrastructure. If you are looking for information on protecting, lining and repairing pipes, or for the nearest installer, contact Perma-Liner today.

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