Waterline Renewal Technologies

The City of Bend Begins Sewer Line Restoration


Along with the fireworks and fun that the fourth of July awakens within the city of Bend, residents can also expect an ongoing southeast interceptor project to start in the early days of July. The project will consist of repair to a sewer line along 27th Street. About 2 miles of pipe will be installed, taking up to two years to complete. The construction in the area will impact the community’s travel in and around buildings, shops, residences and workplaces. The 27th Street sewer line project is just one segment of the larger, citywide southeast interceptor project that started almost ten years ago. The project originated due to the need for more capacity in the sewer lines, as well as to minimize overflow risks in parts of the city. The new sewer line along 27th Street will prevent wastewater from going downtown, where sewer lines are almost at maximum capacity. The new line will also help conserve energy by deactivating 23 water pumps and installing gravity sewer systems to homes in the area which are currently using septic tanks. As the sewage capacity grows for businesses along 27th Street, potential job opportunities are expected to increase as well.

More sewer news: Cities near Portland will experience a moderate increase to their sewer bill due to construction and sewer renewal. $39.7 million will go into the four wastewater treatment plants and 40 pump stations, $17 million to expand, repair or replace the sewer collection system and $6.7 million to restore flow to the Tualatin River and tributaries, including planting of large-scale stream and wetland restoration projects. $4 million will also be spent on storm water projects aimed at controlling pollution and improve local drainage.

Coming soon: Perma-Liner Industries is busy making plans for you. We’re planning a “Trenchless Tour” on July 27th in the New England area. We’ll be posting more information on this spectacular event…stay tuned and save the date!